Best Fat Burner Supplements

Best Fat Burner Supplements

cleanfoodWith all of the ephedra diet pills that are out on the market saying that they are the best fat burner supplements, it can be hard to pick the one that will work for you. That is the essential key to any supplement; nothing works for everyone in the same way. One thing that has been proven is that the ephedra, yohimbe and compounds with thermogenic components provide the greatest success for the most people. Some people have success with guarana as well, but both yohimbe and guarana can cause stomach upset and jitteriness too. Ephedra is one of the safest and best tolerated of the fat burning supplements.

What you should stay away from

One thing that will deliver fast weight loss and then result in you gaining back even more are products that use diuretics. The best fat burner supplements avoid diuretic ingredients and focus on increasing your metabolism and the lipolysis process. The body needs all the water it can get. Contrary to what you may think, if you have a problem with water weight the solution is to drink water so the body stops hoarding stores of water.

What you should look for

One of the things you have to look at when choosing the best fat burner supplements is how the rest of your diet and supplemental support will interact with the compound. You don’t have to turn into a nutritional scientist, but you should ask your pharmacist about any potential interactions. One thing you should also pay attention to is the type of fruits that you eat while taking the best fat burner supplements. Some fruits, like grapefruit, which are very traditional fat loss suggestions, can wind up neutralizing the effect of the supplement. Make sure to read the entire label before starting your regimen. You can buy ephedra online or at your local sports nutrition store, as long as it’s a legitimate source.

Betaine Anhydrous Pre Workout Benefits

arnoldbenchpressBetaine Anhydrous Pre Workout Benefits

The Betaine Anhydrous Pre-Workout Benefits that most people experience include gains in mass, stamina, strength, size and endurance. That is a lot to expect from a lesser known amino acid, but scientists have begun to understand the role it plays in the body much better – which has led to them also being able to determine it is a supplement best used as a pre workout stack rather than a post workout supplement. What it can do for you is simple, and simply amazing.

Methionine and muscle protein synthesis

Betaine Anhydrous Pre-Workout Benefits are a direct result of the role this amino acid plays in a complex process of creating methionine in the body. Methionine is what the body uses primarily for muscle protein synthesis. Without it, or without enough of it, your body can not metabolize what the muscles need for gains from the fuels you provide it successfully. With the Betaine Anhydrous, the production is increased and your muscles can create the protein they need to grow and build faster.

Gains across the board

Studies have tracked that people who got the most Betaine Anhydrous Pre-Workout Benefits used the supplement twice a day. Both times are done before the workout period in various dosages. The idea behind this type of dosage is it allows the muscle protein synthesis process to begin to go into full gear before your workout so you can get the best gains. Gains in areas such as mass, size, stamina and strength, and with any luck you may turn out like Lazar Angelov ;).

Adding it to your pre-workout routine

To get the most Betaine Anhydrous Pre-Workout Benefits you can choose to add it in supplement form to your stack, or get a powdered form and add the dose to your juices or shakes. Either way, you will begin to notice a difference quickly in the results you gain from your workout.

Pre Workout Supplement

Jym Pre Jym:

This top rated pre-workout supplement is a scientifically designed product with 13 different proven ingredients to help your time in the gym be even more effective. A great way to help maximize your gains…by using the power of science!

To ban totally or regulate?

It is a known fact that there are numerous countries that have banned steroids within their respective territories. This is also been observed in the United States of America as the Federal Drug Authority or FDA has banned several drugs that is considered as steroids or performance enhancer drugs. A number of sporting associations that are operating under their laws have also banned these steroidal drugs to be used by their athletes. Two of the more prominent sporting associations that are strongly stating their stand against these performance enhancing drugs are the National Football League or NFL and the Major League Baseball or MLB. One of the more recently banned substances that is said to be a performance enhance is the deer antler spray.

What is a deer antler spray and why is it banned by the FDA and the World Anti-Doping Association or WADA?
Deer antler sprays are made from deer antlers which have been used as an ingredient in Eastern herbal medicines. There is a certain substance in these sprays that are almost insulin-like. This substance can also be found in any red meat animal. It is the substance called IGF-1 or insulin-like growth factor 1. There have been studies in the past that has indicated this substance as a dietary supplement for performance enhances which is considered as illegal by American legislative laws. This is the main reason why deer antler sprays are being banned not just in sporting associations but in the whole country.

Held legally liable upon usage

Professional and amateur-ranked athletes might be held legally liable when using these sprays during competition. This would also include the smear in their reputation as an athlete as a whole. There are still several manufacturers of these sprays that are offering their product through the worldwide web. Even if the substance is banned, the spray themselves might be allowed to be manufactured but with restrictions.

It is good to acknowledge that there are also positive effects that these sprays are giving its users. An individual who might have a surgery or is coming off an injury would be aided by these deer antler sprays in their road to recovery. A person who might have gone a major surgery could experience a longer recovery period. It is also to note that age brackets might play a role in this period of recovery. Having suffered from a major cranial surgery, it has been noted that the recovery period is set to at least a year after. Taking a couple of spray as prescribed have increased the recovery rate thus shortening the recovery period previously projected.

Steroids also have several side effects especially in a person’s physical features. Two of the most notable effects of too much exposure to these performance enhancers are loss of hair and acne. Increased appetite can also be observed in individuals who are taking steroids on a regular basis. Steroids are being given to patients who are suffering from brain tumors to ease the pressure in the head.

Getting in the know

There is a shadow of controversy that is hindering the growth and popularity of deer antler spray. But what is truly in it? There are so many questions about the substance but there are only a few answers as to why it is being cited as so-called illegal for a number of sporting associations such as the National Football League or NFL and the Major League Baseball or MLB. It might also be good to point out that these sporting organizations are both based and are currently operating in the United States of America.

Having a deeper look into the spray and the legislative prohibitions

The deer antler spray got its name where its major ingredients come from. Deer antlers have been the source for several natural medicines in the Eastern hemisphere. This has been used to cure several diseases. However, it has been found out there is a substance in deer antlers that is considered as a growth hormone and almost insulin-like and this substance is the IGF-1. It is not just the US Food and Drug Authority or FDA that has banned this substance but also the international organization called World Anti-Doping Agency or WADA. Sporting associations have banned it because it is also considered as a performance enhancing drug or steroids which have already been banned on an earlier time.

How can the substance be absorbed by the body?

Unlike the other forms of performance enhancers, IGF-1 found in deer antler sprays could not be taken in its pill form. This could be a reason why it is being introduced as a spray. But the amount of it would be less than minimal thus questioning how it would be able to affect the human body as a whole. Steroids have been known to cause several ailments to an individual whether in the person’s internal organs or external features. There are also known side effects to note on whether a person has been exposed to too much of growth or performance enhancers.

Different effects on people

There have been a number of individuals who are continuously supporting the spray despite the criticisms that it is receiving from all corners of the globe. It has helped people in their recovery after major surgeries and is continuously aiding individuals who might be suffering from a physical incapacity due to injuries. This is a very important role that the spray is giving its users.

There are continuous advertising efforts that are being done by users in social media to promote its positive effects on people. It could be a possibility that the synthetic version of the medication is the one that is heavily bringing the natural ones to its downfall. This could just be another battle between the supporters of natural and/or herbal medicines and the supporters of synthetic medicines. There should be more studies given to this as the amount of the substance being released in a spray would affect the health of an individual.

A number of individuals have already used the product for quite a period of time. If it is not good for the body, there should be numerous of cases known around the world in the field of medicine that was caused by the excessive exposure to the substances that can be found on deer antlers. Instead of totally prohibiting the spray because of a substance, why not try to regulate it in small amounts. There have been drugs that are offered in limited amounts that are giving the same sensations that deer antler sprays are giving to the people that is utilizing it either enhance their recovery from surgery or to cure a certain disease.

The good and the better side

There is a buzzing sound that is surrounding a spray in the territory of the United States of America. This is not just creating quite a stir in a number of world renowned sporting associations but also by the US Federal Drug Authority or FDA. It is not just the American FDA that has acknowledged the presence of a substance in a particular spray. The World Anti-Doping Association or WADA has noticed the manufacturing of an insulin-like substance in a deer antler spray. Regardless of brand, the substance is always present in the product as the IGF-1 or insulin-like growth factor 1. This substance is said to be a performance enhancer drugs that is also being banned in different sporting associations within the American territory like the NDL or the National Football Association and the MLB or the Major League Baseball.

Athletes who have admitted to use the spray for recovery issues

In the past, there have been reports of athletes who are being associated in using this spray to enhance their performance in the game. There are several names in the NFL including David Vobora, who played as a linebacker for the St. Louis Rams when the issue about his use of the spray went public. His career profile ended in the 2011 season of the sporting association. Another linebacker from NFL was associated using the spray. He is Ray Lewis who is a linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens in 2013 when the whole issue about his use for the spray was made public. Lewis was scrutinized in public but it was then when he made people aware about the help that the deer antler spray gave him while he was recovering from a triceps injury.

2013: An eye-opening year

When Ray Lewis stated the aid that the spray has given him during his recovery, this opened the eyes of more individuals and organization about the spray. It is true that there is still that presence of IGF-1 but the WADA lifted their ban on the spray. Being an international organization, WADA has opened the doors for more institutions to look into the health benefits of the deer antler spray as a whole and not just one substance present in it.
As a cranial surgery patient, the spray has shortened the projected time of recovery that it would be regulated.

Many other athletes also used ephedra diet pills to enhance energy levels.